Zimbabwe is Africa’s second most developed country – Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

President Robert Mugabe said that Zimbabwe is the most highly developed country in Africa, after South Africa

President Mugabe who made the claim during a panel discussion on fragile states at the World Economic Forum on Africa in South Africa’s coastal city of Durban, denies that Zimbabwe is  a fragile state.

Zimbabwe, according to him have over 14 universities and literacy rate is over 90 percent – the highest in Africa,

He also contended that Zimbabwe have more resources, perhaps more than the average country in the world.

Zimbabwe, he emphasized is not a poor country, but acknowledged that it has problems.

He said, “Zimbabwe is one of the most highly developed countries in Africa, and after South Africa, I want to know which country has that level of development that you see in Zimbabwe. We have got universities, our literacy rate is over 90% and is the highest in Africa. Don’t talk of us as a fragile state from an economic point of view. Yes, we have our problems, but we have achieved a lot.

“We have resources, perhaps more resources than the average country in the world, gold, diamonds, chrome, coal, et cetera. We’re utilising that, and our agriculture is very powerful.”

The country has been struggling to pay its civil servants recently and is ranked 24th on the UNDP’s Human Development Index for Africa

Zimbabwe has faced a severe cash shortage since last year and has introduced so-called bond notes as a substitute for the US Dollar, the main currency people use.


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