Who we are

Our Operational Goal

101.9 RockCity FM shall continually be the benchmark for others, setting the highest standards in every aspect of its operations, particularly news gathering and dissemination, talkshows’ content/presentations and entertainment; thereby making 101.9 RockCity FM the no. 1 choice for businesses and advertisers to reach their target markets.


Mission and Vision

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To serve our nation by:

  • Being the most trusted source of credible news and information, high quality entertainment and education, etc.
  • Tirelessly promoting community harmony, national interest, unity and cohesion.
  • Broadening our listeners’ horizons and enhancing the quality of their lives.



To advance the cause of attaining a fair and just society through the broadcast of credible news, information and entertaining programmes.



Our Aspiration

101.9 RockCity FM aspires to become a public media centre, acting as a community outlet for audio broadcasting. The organization will partner with the community and other media outlets (both local and international) and will use new and existing technologies to provide training, continually enhance its programmes, and create new ones while expanding its reach; and thus fulfill its mission for local, national and international audience.

The core of our commitment is in informing and entertaining our community of listeners in a life-enhancing manner with the paramount aim of being the most credible source of news/information and entertainment in Nigeria. We shall be in constant liaison with partners in enlightening our community with the best practices thereby creating national harmony, cultural cohesion and socio-economic development.


Programme Philosophy

Our mission is embedded in the utmost desire to broaden our listeners’ horizons, and enhance their quality of lives. Driven by this philosophy, 101.9 Rockcity FM has established its primacy in the provision of diverse, authentic; high-quality musical and entertainment programmes as part of its commitment to helping individuals explore and enjoy the world around them. 

Essentially, 101.9 RockCity FM programmes are designed for the purpose of broadening listeners’ horizon and enhancing the quality of their lives. Consequently, our quality programmes; balanced and accurate Newscasts, incisive Talkshows have marked us out as a trusted source of information, entertainment and education for Nigerians in our coverage area.


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