Van swerves into worshippers leaving mosque in latest London attack

Van swerves into worshippers leaving mosque in latest London attack

A man has died and eight people have been injured after a van struck a crowd of pedestrians near a North London mosque.

A man was arrested following the collision near Finsbury Park Mosque in Seven Sisters road.

The driver of the van, a man aged 48, was detained by members of public before being arrested.

He has been taken to hospital as a precaution, and will be taken into custody once discharged. He will also be subject of a mental health assessment, the police said.

 The investigation is being carried out by the Counter Terrorism Command, they said.

The Muslim Council of Britain said a van “intentionally” ran over worshippers.

The body said it was a “violent manifestation of Islamophobia” and called for extra security around mosques.

Prime Minister Theresa May described it as a “terrible incident”, adding that all her thoughts are with those who have been injured, their loved ones and the emergency services on the scene.

A witness told BuzzFeed News that the suspect screamed: “I’m going to kill all Muslims” before he was tackled to the floor.

Abdulrahman Saleh Alamoudi said he was among a group of people helping an elderly worshipper who had fallen down, perhaps because of the heat, when the van swerved towards them.

“This big van just came and went all over us,” he said.

“I think at least eight or 10 people got injured. Luckily I managed to escape. And then the guy came out of his van and I got him.

“He was screaming, he was saying, ‘I’m going to kill all Muslims, I’m going to kill all Muslims.’ He was throwing punches.

“Then we managed to get him on the floor. Then he was saying, ‘Kill me, kill me.’

“I said, ‘We are not going to kill you. Why did you do that?’

“He wouldn’t say anything.”


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