Sultan worried over street begging, says it’s against Islamic teaching

The Sultan of Sokoto, Saad Abubakar

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar  says he is worried over the growing population of women from the Northern state who are engaging in begging on the streets.

Street begging, according to the Sultan, is against the teaching of Islam, and harms the society.

The Sultan, who heads the Nigeria Supreme Council on Islamic Affairs, spoke on the issue at the graduation of 2,000 women in various skills in Sokoto.

As the pillar of development in every society, the Sultan said that women instead of begging, should be productive, in order to be self reliant, and contribute meaningfully to the national development.

The Sultan said, “our women should always desist from street begging, as it has no base in Islam and it only generates more harm than good among the society.

“Women have always been the pillars for any societal development, so we need to do more in encouraging and supporting their living standard in order to yield a better society.

 “Moreover empowering women is one of the positive base to a better, secured and productive society.”

Some of the states in the core-north, including Kano and Kaduna states had already banned street trading.


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