Spain’s Ruling Party Wins Third Poll In Four Years

Spain’s governing Socialists has won the country’s third election in four years, but have fallen short of a majority.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s party polled 29% and will need the help of either Left-Wing Podemos and Regional Parties, or the Centre Right, to form a government.

The result is a personal success for the Prime Minister, who increased his party’s share from 23% of the vote in 2016.

But it still leaves the Socialists and Podemos 11 seats short of the necessary 176 for a majority in the 350-seat Parliament.

Mr Sánchez must now look for support from the smaller Parties or from the Centre Right, but there is no easy solution.

For the first time since military rule ended in the 1970’s, a Far-Right Party is set to enter Parliament

In his victory speech, Mr Sánchez said the Party’s big challenges were to fight inequality, advance co-existence and halt corruption.

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