Soyinka asks Buhari to do more to stop killer herdsmen

Soyinka asks Buhari to do more to stop killer herdsmen

Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to do more to stop killer herdsmen from further attacks on farming communities

He warned that urgent measures must be taken to banish the shadow of incidences that led to the Rwandan genocide, which according to him, is hovering over Nigeria.

Soyinka in a statement, said the security forces must go beyond the arrest of a few herders caught with arms.

The famed playwright, however, expressed concern that hundreds of the killer herdsmen are still lurking in the forest, ready for fresh attacks.

He wants the Presidency to issue a 48-hour deadline to herders occupying any form of land in the areas under attack, after which any of them who refuse to quit will be treated as terrorists.

“We must go beyond arresting a token of herdsmen caught with arms as there are still hundreds of them in the forests.

“It is not enough to back the anti-open grazing law,so late in the day, but we shall leave that for later.

“Right now, the violated and the dispossessed demand restitution and with no further delay or subterfuge.

“All available forces should be deployed to right the hideous, unprecedented wrong that has left the nation drowning in blood. We simply cannot continue one day longer to watch this forceful feeding of human blood,” he said.


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