Soyinka advocates creation of volunteer groups to tackle armed herdsmen

Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, said an organization of hunters has been reactivated in Ogun State, to check the activities of armed herdsmen in the state.

The group, called Ogun State Hunters Association, according to Soyinka, is an informal organization that will collaborate with security agencies, including the police and the military and other movements with similar objectives.

Soyinka, speaking at a news conference in Lagos which he titled: “Nomads and Nation: Valentine Card or Valedictory Rites”, explained that the organization will track armed herdsmen, and report them to the nearest police station.

In case the police fail to disarm the sighted armed herdsmen, Soyinka explained that the hunters will move against them and disarm them.

He said, “I am urging voluntary organisations to ask themselves when and how armed herdsmen would be disarmed. They need to ensure that anytime they see armed herdsmen, they report to the nearest police station. But if at some point, the police have not taken action and the armed herdsmen are not disarmed, these voluntary organisations should move into the places and disarm them.

“I mention this deliberately because I don’t want anybody to get the impression that war is being declared. No, no, no. We have not reached that stage and I hope we will not get to that stage.

“These hunter associations will now intensify their surveillance anytime they see armed herdsmen. These associations: OPC, vigilante, hunters, if at certain time the police have not disarmed the herdsmen, these volunteer associations should move into these places.”


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