RESTRUCTURING: Soludo asks Buhari to rethink position


RESTRUCTURING: Soludo asks Buhari to rethink position

Former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Professor Charles Soludo, has asked President Muhammad Buhari to rethink his opposition to the growing calls for the restructuring of the country.

He also said those advising Buhari to ignore the Biafran issue, are either being mischievous or ignorant of the issues involved.

Soludo who made the call at the launch of a book on Biafra in Abuja, said Nigeria would prosper if it allows states to control their resources and pay tax to the Federal Government.

He said there is urgent need for the country to learn lessons from the past, so as not to repeat the past mistakes.

The former presidential economic adviser noted that the unitary system introduced by the aguiyi ironsi military regime, had since been modified into a unitary federal structure.

Soludo said,

“It is only the study of history, our own history, that can explain and give meaning to our very humanity and that is why we must study it and teach our little ones. And it is also not enough that they merely know who they are, we must teach them about their God.”


“Since it is said that if you want to destroy any nation, it is said that first the family must be destroyed, then education is destroyed, and the third are social morals that are destroyed, so in Nigeria we owe both present and future generations the responsibility of removing all inhibitions against making our children acquire morals and ethics.”


“If I were President Buhari, I would be very suspicious of anyone who advises me to ignore the Biafran issue. Anyone who says that is either ignorant or being mischievous or quite patently doesn’t mean well for the government and probably wants the government to repeat the mistakes of the past. We must start learning.”


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