Saudi Arabia raises Nigeria’s hajj slot


Saudi Arabia has increased Nigeria’s hajj quota from 76,000 to 95,000 pilgrims.

Hajj reporters, a civil society group, who made this known in a statement, said the increase is as a result of Saudi’s restoration of 20 per cent cut in the Hajj slot of all participating countries five years ago.

During the 20 per cent cut in Hajj quota, Saudi authorities had cut Nigeria’s quota from 95,00 to the present 76,000.

National Coordinator of the civil society, Ibrahim Mohammed, in a statement, asks the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria to give priority to first term intending Hajj pilgrims.

The statement noted that since the 20 per cent reduction five years ago, the number of pilgrims performing the Hajj had gone down.

“Last year, 1,325, 372 foreign and 537, 537 domestic pilgrims performed the Hajj, making a total of 1, 862, 909 pilgrims which is the lowest in the last ten years of hajj exercise.”

“With this development, Nigerian Muslims will have more opportunity to secure hajj seats to fulfil their religious obligations.

“It will also compress the pressure of trying to secure hajj seats through the back door, and close avenue of possible hajj seat racketeering.”

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