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Are u an artist and you’ve been looking for a platform you can push your song? Then search no more…drop your song on this platform to let your song be heard by many on the station.

RockcityFM Abeokuta is giving a lot of talented artists opportunity to get their songs to millions of people all over the world. This is not going to attract any fee. Just Free as you have been hinted.

Click on this link to get started 👉Here

⚠️Steps to send your songs

1️⃣To Get your song directly from your producer and be sure that the copy does not contain those Vulgar words or any form of Promotional Content, i.e Exclusive from and others.

2️⃣If so, Cut out those part with sound editing software or ask your producer to help you cut out those part professionally.

3️⃣Upload that Clean Version to your Google Drive and Use the link while filling the form below

4️⃣ Be sure you have followed all our social handles Youtube , Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Then share the proof with this link ROCKICITY WHATSAPP

🗯️For those that want to know how to UPLOAD YOUR SONG TO YOUR DRIVE, you can read it up here Uploading Your Songs in the Cloud Using Google Drive.

How the PROCESS Works.

⚠️Kind Note the updates below for the betterment of this platform.

1️⃣Song Requests will now take 7days Process: during this process, your song will be downloaded and listen to by our team to check if the song and its content comply with the rules and instructions.

2️⃣Approved Songs will be announced on Rockcicty Social Media Platforms after 7Days of your request on the Rockcity Drop Your Song Page.

3️⃣The artist with the Approved songs will be contacted by Rockcity for a short interview. which means the artist will make his/her self available for the interview else songs would not be played.

4️⃣Approved songs would be played a week after the interview and not later than two weeks after the list of approved songs has been published.


    Do you have any request or enquiry? Do not hesitate to send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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