Political opportunists championing coalitions for 2019, CACOL warns

Convener of Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL), Comrade Debo Adeniran, has described those championing the new coalitions, as political opportunists.

According to him, some of them of doing nothing to implement many of the things they are now championing, when they were in power.

Speaking on a Rockcity FM programme “Daybreak Show” in Abeokuta, Adeniran said it is saddening that most of the early generations of activists had hoped for a changed Nigeria, instead only a change in regime had occurred in the country.

He accused former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who is a leader of Coalition for Nigeria Movement, recently launched in the country, of having many opportunities since 1975 to change the course of the country but he wasted all.

The convener asked those seeking for political powers through various coalitions to be championing the cause of the common man

He explained that most of the labour unions could not speak against government excesses, this resulting to the formation of coalitions by the bodies of activities.

According to him, many of the activists either are too comfortable to struggle or are too impoverished to have any strength to struggle.

He lamented that no matter how wise or knowledgeable a citizen is, if he or she do not have money you cannot win elections in Nigeria because the process has been legally monetized.

He recalled that those the coalitions have sponsored in the past to participate in partisan politics have ended up becoming part of the system.

He, however, called for a sovereign national conference in this country, because at present, every part of the country does not feel like they belong to this country as an entity.

Nigeria, according to Adeniran, needs a new constitution, as 1999 constitution the country’s currently using was foisted in it, and it was not in place when Chief Obasanjo won the 1999 polls.

On the call for revolution, he said mass education is the first tenet Nigerians needed, saying coalitions can never be enough, asking people to pull their resources together to fight for the people.


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