Osinbajo asks separatist agitators to focus on how to rebuild Nigeria

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has canvassed for a halt in the growing agitations for the break up of Nigeria.

Osinbajo said the abundant resources and energies of Nigerians should not be wasted on debating about the division of Nigeria, but how to build a country that God designs it to be.

The Vice President making the call at the Presidential Sallah Luncheon at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, said he believes that the growing agitations are the pains that always accompany the building of a great nation that God is about to give birth to.

According to him, God designed Nigeria to be a nation of diversity in opinions and ideas where there will be endless arguments.

Osinbajo, however, said he is extremely confident that Nigeria will remain united because of God’s plan and purposes for it to be pre-eminent black country in the world.

Osinbajo said, “That nation that God has in mind is a diverse nation; diverse in resources, in ideas and in opinions.

“The kind of nation that we have, where there is an argument about something everywhere. Before you get tired of that lone argument, another one arises and before you finish with that one, there is yet another one.

“This is the type of country that God has ordained; where we have diversity of opinions and ideas- people saying their own things here and there.

“But God has also planned that this country will remain together, and that we will be a nation that is gifted just as we have the oil, the gas, and the most arable lands than most continents.

“This is a country that has all of what other countries will travel and spend money looking for the sort of resources that we have. All of the tourism resources that we have, people will travel everywhere looking for them.

“It is a nation of men and women so creative and prosperous that we will feed the entire continent and create opportunities for the world.

“All the different ethnic groups are important in that arrangement. On every ethnicity, incredible minds, brilliant and creative people doing all manner of things.

“Our energies and resources should not be spent again on debate about division. Our manifest destiny is to be a great nation, not to be a nation where we are talking about division.

“We must focus our time energies and resources on being that great nation that God has called us to be. I think we have started building that country already.”


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