Oshiomhole calls for harsher measure against treasury looters

Former Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has called for more drastic measures against alleged looters of fund from the federal treasury.

Oshiomhole says the Buhari administration needs to be more ruthless against them.

The former governor speaking in Benin City, believes there are a lot of people who should be in court for alleged stealing of public fund, who are still not there.

He specifically accused the PDP-led Jonathan administration of mindless stealing of public fund, saying that Nigerians need to know the depth of the rot during the period.

According to the governor, what was allegedly stolen from public treasury during the period, if shared on the basis of equality, will make each of Nigeria’s 180 million people richer.

“My only complain is that the Federal Government ought to be more ruthless with treasury looters because there are a lot of people who should be in court who are not there.

“The kind of money they (Peoples Democratic Party) stole was huge and it was in dollars. We can’t be lamenting today without understanding that the treasury was bungled yesterday by these people. My  point is that all of them involved in the looting should be put in public domain,” he said.

“Someone sneaked into your kitchen and took away everything and when you wake up, the person said I am sorry (like PDP chairman Uche Secondus), I stole the pot of soup, in fact I broke into the kitchen and people are saying we should continue like that,” Oshiomhole observed.

“The promise of democracy is that, either good or bad, the people have a right to know what happened yesterday. That is the starting point, and it is particularly important especially when the armed robber of yesterday is trying to carry out facial surgery in order to looks different and continue the work.”

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