North Korea Fails To Respond To Us Contact For Renewed Talks

US president Joe Biden’s administration says it has been trying to contact the North Korean government since February but has yet to receive a response.

US officials says they had tried to reach Pyongyang in several different ways to prevent tensions escalating, officials said.

The US and North Korea remain at loggerheads over North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

Three meetings between Mr Biden’s predecessor and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un achieved little.

The talks failed to persuade North Korea to give up nuclear weapons – a key demand of the US and other western powers.

North Korean state media has yet to acknowledge that Joe Biden is now the American president.

Relations between the US and North Korea plummeted in 2017 when north Korea tested long-range missiles capable of hitting American cities.

North Korean demands for the lifting of sanctions in return for only a partial reduction in nuclear capabilities.

North Korea is currently more cut off from the outside world than ever before. Its borders have been closed for over a year to prevent the spread of covid-19.

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