NIMET predicts intense harmattan in December, January

NIMET predicts intense harmattan in December, January

Nigerian Metereological Agency (NIMET) has predicted an intense harmattan, in December this year and January, next year.

The agency’s director general, Professor Sani Mashi, who made the prediction, asked Nigerians to brace for the problems of dust and haze during the period.

He explained that the intense harmattan will be felt in most parts of the country.

The harmattan, according to him, will set in very soon, and is already being experienced in the North East region.

Harmattan is definitely going to set in very soon and it has already started setting in the northeastern part of the country.

“The air mass is moving towards the country from northeastern direction, so from December and January it will cover virtually all the country.

“That is why we are predicting that in December and January, there is going to be much problem of dust and haze in most parts of the country.

“Normally, it last for about 70 days and the effect will be from one condition to another because there are some local conditions that could be modified.

“So you will discover that some locations that are open that do not have hills, there could be local disturbance that would not allow the flow of air in that location.

“And because of that you will discover that air will be flowing and therefore the haze will be more intense.

“But where you have hills that could be disturbing the flow of the northeasterly, it will be modified and the impact of harmattan will be a little bit less compared to other locations,’’ he said.


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