NIMET issues fresh alert on flooding

11 people killed, others injured in massive flooding in Niger State

Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NIMET) has issued a fresh alert of more flood to come.

The agency says another round of massive flooding will come in the coming weeks as heavy rainfall resume nationwide.

The agency’s head of weather forecasting service department, Ishiyaku Ibrahim, who issued the fresh alert lists Ogun, Sokoto, Zamfara, Kwara, Lagos, Benue, Adamawa, and coastal areas.

Ibrahim who explained that the listed states are among the states that the agency listed to have above the normal rainfall this year.

In the heavy rainfall and flooding experienced so far, 19 people were killed in Niger state, while several homes were submerged in Victoria Island, Lekki, Ajah and Ikoyi axis of Lagos metropolis.

The agency’s prediction said floods may occur in some states in the north and the west even as a shorter length of rain is predicted in most part of the country.

 “As a result of the favourable monsoon conditions, adequate moisture was accumulated in the atmosphere and subsequently precipitated in large amount that the soil could not absorbed thus causing the flooding that hit Lagos, Niger, Abuja and some other parts of the country with its attendant destruction of lives and property,” he said.

“Most of the states that had these floods are in the forecast. You know the areas that are prone to flooding are mostly areas that are low laying plains and areas that are along the river banks. People sometimes build houses along the river banks, very close, and so when there is excess rainfall or when the dams are open upstream, sometimes you find that this flood will come and affect the houses.

 “The floods that have occurred now is in correlation or agreement with the SRP 2017 because in the prediction we said there is going to be above-normal rainfall in some parts of the country, especially the inland areas of the South-west, the North-east and North-western flanks and the coastal cities,” Ibrahim said.



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