Nigeria Receives 4,000 Vials Of Snake Bite venom

Nigeria has received 4,000 vials of anti-snake venom which has been in short supply nationwide in the past months.

The fresh supply of the drug was received from the UK and Costa Rica in the US.

Managing Director of Echittab Shidu Group, Doctor Nandul Durfa, explains that the 4,000 vials include 2,000 polyvalent anti snake venom and 2,000 vials of monovalent anti snake venom.

Polyvalent anti snake venom from Costa Rica is for the treatment of all venomous snakes, while monovalent anti snake venom is an antidote to bites from carper vipers, which are the commonest snake in Nigeria.

Doctor Durfa says Nigeria will continue to experience the shortage of the snake venom vials until they are locally produced.

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