Nigeria approves opening of first e-waste recycling facility

Nigeria has approved the opening of the first electronic waste (e-waste) recycling facility.

The facility is to combat the problem of informal recycling of electronics which has caused untold harm to the health of Nigerians and the environment.

The plant which is located in Ojota, Lagos State, is being handled by Hinckley Recycling, has begun operations for the safe and responsible processing of all electronic waste streams.

The Business Development Manager for Hinckley Recycling, Belinda Osayamwen, in a statement said the firm is committed to engender a standard of excellence by providing high quality service for the disposal of electronic waste and ensuring that the service is always conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.

The processes involved during the disposal would at all times, she promised will conform to and comply with all relevant legislations as enforced by the recognized authorities – local and international.

The company said the disposal of e-waste at end-of-life posed a challenge to the environment and the country at large, hence it is receiving a considerable amount of attention by environmental agencies.


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