New soft drink, Miss Cola, unveiled in Nigeria

A UK registered company, Afrimalt International Limited, has unveiled a new soft drink, Miss Cola, in the Nigerian market

The drink is already selling both in Nigeria, outside Nigeria and Africa at large.

A bottle is sold for N100, while a pack is N800.

The company’s Assistant General Manager, Marketing and Sales, Ogbitebu Godfrey, explained that Miss Cola is a carbonated beverage, which contains caffeine from kola nut.

The drink, according to him, has a refreshing flavour derived from vanilla and other unique mix of quality ingredients.

He said that the drink has low sugar content, adding that it makes it good for those running from sugar.

The low sugar formation, unique pricing, discount in sales, vanilla taste, graphical presentation and competitive pricing, distinguish Miss Cola from other soft drinks. We are coming up with orange Miss Cola and Miss Cola water.

“We are doing comer sensitisation and ensuring that our customers get good price, every first purchase from a customer buying 100 packs and above will get 10 extra packs.

“Cola is a brand selling and we are here to have our market share. Miss Cola has no side effects and it is good for all. We aim to appeal to the refreshment needs of every one across the globe. The soft drink will satisfy the needs of all our customers and make their experiences with our soft drink better.

“Our coming to Nigeria is to achieve success, better result and let customers know that they can have choices for their brand,” he said.

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