Military operation forces 5,000 Ethiopians to flee into Kenya

About 5,000 Ethiopians have crossed into Kenya seeking refuge after several civilians were killed in the Ethiopian military security operation targeting militants.

International Red Cross said the refugees from Ethiopia started trooping into Kenya on March 10

The organization said they were mostly women and children, including “pregnant and lactating mothers, chronically ill persons, those abled differently and the elderly.”

The Red Cross said some of those fleeing had moved with their livestock, compounding pressure on struggling relief agencies.

Ethiopian state media reported Sunday that soldiers had been deployed to an area near the town of Moyale in Oromia, a region that borders Kenya, in pursuit of Oromo liberation front fighters who had crossed into the country from Kenya.

But faulty intelligence led soldiers to launch an attack that killed nine civilians and injured 12 others.

Ethiopia has said that five soldiers who took part in the attack near Moyale have been “disarmed” and are under investigation, while a high-level military delegation has been dispatched to the area to inquire further into the incident.

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