Kenya And Somalia At Loggerheads Over Border Dispute

Tensions are mounting on the borders of Kenya with Somalia ahead of a U.N. Hearing on the territorial dispute.

Kenya’s Parliament recently called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to send troops to the Indian ocean to protect the country’s territory from what it calls Somalia’s aggression.

A lawmaker John Mbadi says in the event that diplomacy is going to fail and any other process fails, the constitution permits the use of Kenya defense forces to protect the country’s boundary.

The threat by Kenya comes less than a month before the U.N.’s International Court of Justice holds a hearing on the dispute.
Somali lawmaker Mohamed Omar Talha warns that his country would counter Kenya by sending troops of its own to the 100,000-square-kilometer area.
The neighbors’ maritime dispute began in 2014 when Somalia filed a complaint against Kenya in the International Court of Justice saying it had exhausted all other avenues of finding a resolution.
Kenya wants negotiations with Somalia, while Somalia insists the court process must stop before negotiations take place.
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