House of Reps revisits Peace Corps bill rejected by President Buhari

House of Representatives

House of Representatives has re-introduced the Peace Corps of Nigeria bill rejected by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The bill, seeking to establish the Peace Corps, is one of the several bills rejected by Buhari, which the House is reconsidering.

Some of the bills, include a clause in the amended Electoral Act which reverse the sequence of the February 2019 polls, also rejected by Buhari.

Others bills include the Chartered Institute of Treasury Bill, the Social Week Bill, the Police Procurement Bill, the Environment Health Officers Registration Act Bill, Chartered Institute of Loan and Risk Management Bill.

The House, like the Senate, had objected to the rejection of the bills by Buhari, and threatened to override his veto on the bills.

Buhari in refusing to assent to the Peace Corps of Nigeria bill, based his decision on the financial implication and that it will duplicate the function of Police and other paramilitary organizations.

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