Gowon tasks judiciary on godly justice

Gowon tasks judiciary on godly justice

Former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon has asked the judiciary to administer true justice.

True justice according to Gowon, will increase the confidence of Nigerians that they will have a level playing field in the administration of justice.

Gowon made the call in Abuja, at the public presentation of a book written by the wife of the former Benue state justice commissioner, Doctor Grace Osuman.

He urged judges to show mercy so that Nigerians will know that god of justice exists in the country.

This, according to Gowon could be achieved by upholding godly justice that will make people to feel they are equal under the law.

He said: “Legal practitioners administer true justice, show mercy, so that Nigerians will always know and note that the God of justice lives in Nigeria too.

“Those who uphold godly justice make people and Nigeria feels equal under the law because such prevent evil from triumphing over good.

“For the good side of justice is that it brings joy added to that, it is by justice, a king gives country stability.

“A stance against injustice ensures people’s confidence. It makes us know that wrong will not be countenanced, and we will sleep, knowing that Nigeria has a level playing ground when it comes to justice for all.

“Nigerians carry these bruises, looking for healing to be found in God. Even so, the forces that threaten us shall not prevail. The bedrock of our society if justice and our lives should reflect the desired justice that Nigeria has long waited for.

“The struggle continues. How is it going on? We must try not to pervert justice, and we must understand that a corrupt witness mocks at justice and that mockery would not be tolerated.”


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