Governor Ganduje says few APC governors back tenure elongation

Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje, Kano state Governor

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State has said the proposed meeting of All Progressives Congress (APC) national executive council will set dates for the congress and national convention to elect new leaders of the party.

Ganduje speaking to newsmen in Abuja, clarified that he is not among the APC governors campaigning for the elongation of tenure of the national working committee, which according to him is illegal.

He explained that those of them who opposed the tenure elongation have succeeded n convincing a few of the governors promoting it to drop the idea.

The governor said he is confident that the meeting of the national executive council coming up on Monday, next week, will reversed the tenure elongation for the national working committee.

“Yes, there was controversy on this even though yesterday we  were able to put it at rest. But let me tell you the issues involved, those who are advocating for tenure elongation, they are advocating on the premise that when we hold congresses and convention according to their own perception, there will be a lot of problems and that problem will linger into election period. Well that is a perception, it could be that way and it could be that some people wanted to retain power. Therefore that reason biased.

“However, I don’t belong to that school of thought. The constitution of our party has made a provision for four years and at the end of it we have to hold congresses and convention. The constitution of Nigeria has also provided for that, so we have no reason whatsoever.

“If you are saying that there would be some problems, problems are part of ingredients of politics, there is no way you can practice democracy in a developing country without having some problems. There must be problems; there must be divergent views and disagreements. There will never be a time that things will be 100% normal. So even if there is problem, that is part of democracy and we will be able to move forward.

“So for those who thought they would be able to continue, we said no and so I think Mr. President finally hit the nail on the head, by saying that he is not in favour of any tenure elongation.

“Tenure elongation is undemocratic, it may lead us to litigation which will not be good for the party and we are happy that we have convinced the few governors that were for the elongation and on Monday we hope to have our NEC meeting where the previous decision will be reversed and by then timetable will be out for congresses at the ward level, congress at local government level, congress at the state level and finally convention at the national level.

“I think that is the situation and I am happy to say that the chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum issued a statement, the chairman of the APC governors Forum also issued a statement and the national chairman of the party Chief John Oyegun made a statement as well to say that all is well.”


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