Ethiopian woman executed in Saudi Arabia for killing a child

Ethiopian woman executed in Saudi Arabia for killing a child

Saudi Arabia has executed an Ethiopian woman convicted of killing a Saudi child.

It was the 124th execution in the kingdom this year,

The interior ministry said, Zamzam Abdullah boric was put to death in Riyadh after being convicted of slitting the girl’s throat and leaving her “in the bathroom until she died

The accused slashed the girl’s throat “and left her in the bathroom until she died,” the ministry said, without giving a motive for the crime or stating the Ethiopian’s occupation and when the murder happened.

Many Ethiopians work as domestic helpers in the Kingdom.

In December 2013, a court also sentenced an Ethiopian woman, a housemaid, for murdering the six-year-old daughter of her Saudi employer.

The court in Riyadh handed down the death verdict after the 26-year-old maid confessed to killing Lamis by slitting her throat with a kitchen knife.

The maid told the court that she committed the crime because her employer maltreated her.

Police arrested the maid just an hour after she killed the daughter in July of that same year and hid the corpse in the back garden of her employer’s house in Hota Bani Tamim, just south of Riyadh.

Police said in July they found the maid armed with a cleaver, which she used to attack them before they overpowered her.

After admitting to slitting the child’s throat with a kitchen knife, it was reported that the woman had previously complained about being ill-treated by her employer and sought revenge through the killing of the child.

At least 124 people are said to have been executed in Saudi Arabia, with foreigners being sentenced for crimes ranging from murder, blasphemy, banditry, infidelity and acts of homosexuality.

The case is still under appeal.

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