Cyber security experts raises alarm over fake Google Chrome updates

Cyber security experts have warned Google Chrome users of a scam that infects their computers with malware – all through a simple pop-up window that asks them to download an update.

Mac users are safe (for now) as the malware currently targets Windows users only.

Scott Schober, cyber security expert and author of “Hacked Again” said the compromise starts when a victim innocently navigates to a website that has already been compromised by a hacker.

Hackers then launch their scam specifically from compromised WordPress web sites which re-writes the compromised website on the victim’s browser, creating an illegible page that is completely fake and prompts the user to download a supposed corrective font, malware, short for malicious software, can have multiple purposes – disrupting a computer’s operations, collecting personal or financial data, displaying unwanted ADS or gaining access to entire networks.

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