Couple choked to death by generator fume

Generator fumes

A couple has died inhaling fume from a standby electricity generator in their country home in Bende, Abia state, during the Christmas/Boxing Day celebration.

The couple, Mac Anthony and his wife, Oluchi who were environmental health officials of the Aba south local government area, had visited their home town to celebrate the Christmas and Boxing Day.

Spokesman of the State Police Command, Nta Ogbonnaya, said the couple were choked to death by fume from the generator in their home.

family source however disagreed with the police account of the incident, saying the deaths could have been a premeditated murder by unknown persons.

 According to the source, McAnthony had been engaging in an adulterous affair with a lady who is also a colleague at the same department as the couple.

As a result, the couple engaged in constant quarrels, prompting the man to abandon their rented apartment in Aba to stay in their village house in Bende, from where he went to work in Aba prior to the holiday.

The source said the mistress still visited the environmental health officer in Bende where he had gone to “hide” his head, adding that on December 10, McAnthony invited his wife to the village to collect school fees for their four children.

“That was the last anyone heard of them until three days later when their corpses were discovered in their village home,” he said.

Their corpses were discovered three days later already bloated

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