Colombia nurse survives fall after landing on doctor who dies

Colombia nurse survives fall after landing on doctor who dies

A student nurse in Colombia has survived a fall from the sixth floor of a hospital in the city of Cali after landing on top of a doctor.

The doctor, Isabel Muñoz, who was studying at University Hospital Del Valle, died from her injuries.

“We don’t know what happened. All we know for now is that we are living a tragedy here. It is a very difficult situation,” hospital director Juan Carlos Corrales told El País newspaper.

“The doctor suffered traumatic brain injury and passed away, despite all the efforts to save her,” Corrales added.

The nurse, Maria Isabel Gonzalez, suffered multiple fractures but is in a stable condition.

“We are seeking to save his life,” Laureano Quintero, medical director of the medical centre, told Caracol Radio.

There is no clarity about whether the fall was accidental or an attempted suicide. A police investigation has been launched.

Ms Muñoz was walking across a courtyard on her way to the cafeteria when Ms Gonzalez fell on her.


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