Clearline partners Glanvill on new product, Flexicare

Clearline Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) and Glanvill Enthoven Insurance Brokers (GEIB) have partnered to introduce a new health insurance plan for the Nigerian populace.

The plan, Flexicare, is a retail health plan with specific focus on medical insurance and personal accidents cum disability cases, both temporary and permanent.

The Managing Director of Glanvill, Supo Falana, explained that enrollees will be required to pay N17, 500 annually per individual.

This will cover medical expenses following ill-health, primary outpatient care, childcare, hospitalisation fees, maternity services, accidents/emergencies, death, among others

It also covers accidental injury cases leading to hospitalisation, and enrollees are paid an accident benefit to the tune of N100, 000.

Flexicare covers death occurrence and pays a death and funeral benefits of N130, 000 to the next-of-kin.

It also covers treatment up to one month and pays you N30, 000 for loss of income on your business during period of incapacitation in the hospital.

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