China Warns Foreign Powers It Will Resist Any Attempt To Bully It

China’s President Xi Jinping has warned that foreign powers will “get their heads bashed” if they attempt to bully or influence the country.

He delivered a defiant speech at an event marking the centenary of the ruling communist party on Thursday.

Mr Xi, who spoke for around an hour, reiterated the role of the party in modern China, saying that it has been central to the country’s growth and that attempts to separate it from the people would “fail”.

According to Mr Xi, only socialism can save China, and only socialism with Chinese characteristics can develop China.

He said that china will never allow anyone to bully, oppress or subjugate it”.

The Chinese leader warns  that anyone who dares try to do that will have their heads bashed bloody against the great wall of steel forged by over 1.4 Billion Chinese people.

It comes as China faces criticism over alleged Human Rights Abuses and its crackdown in Hong Kong.

Relations between the US and China have worsened in recent times over trade, espionage and the pandemic.

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