Buhari asks troops to remain loyal in face of agitations in Maiduguri

Buhari asks troops to remain loyal in face of agitations in Maiduguri

President Muhammadu Buhari has stressed the determination of his administration to eradicate corruption in the country.

Buhari, in a nationwide broadcast to mark Nigeria’s fifty seventh independence anniversary, said he is mindful that corrupt people will use any weapon to fight back, mainly through the judicial obstruction and political diversion.

The President asked the National Assembly to refocus on its oversight committees, and ensure the swift passage of enabling corruption bills before it.

Buhari also pleaded with Nigerians to fight corruption at every turn, by not asking for, and refuse to accept a bribe, while reporting unethical practice or by blowing a whistle.

“Even for selfish reasons, your loyalty ought to be to the centre, first.

“The security of this nation is in the hands of God and in the hands of the security.

“If you don’t stand firm, I assure you if Nigeria doesn’t exist, the first to be insecure are the security agencies because no matter how many parts Nigeria will be divided, nobody will take another General to preside over his country,” Buhari said.

“I expect in return from you to be loyal and loyalty is from bottom upward, from private to Lance Corporal, Corporal, up to Sergeant, Generals, Service Chiefs, otherwise the centre will not hold.

“But this centre is determined to hold,” the President said.


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