Blackberry Launches the World’s Most Secure Android phone

Blackberry, creators of the new smartphone, Dtek50, ensures that it is basically, better than the other Android devices out there in terms of security, and is cheaper than their already released BB Priv. This new touchscreen-only device is the company’s second Android handset after giving up on the ever-struggling OS, BB10.

The BB10 was launched after Google had already launched their own Android software.

“The real challenge is whether Blackberry can convince enough corporate buyers to buy a batch of mid-range phones.”A lot of that comes down to the beauty of the device and what it has inside, but more importantly the price.”

said Nick McQuire, analyst at CCS Insight

Blackberry’s CEO, John S. Chen is exploring partnerships with other companies that will help to reduce the cost of the handset manufacture.

“It’s certainly a low cost, low risk way of going about it,”

said Mr McQuire.

Blackberry says that the Dtek50 has “unique” internal hardware along with the chip which is protected by cryptographic keys that prevent hacking. There was once a time when the name “Blackberry” carried a lot of weight in the smartphone business but unfortunately, the tides have turned.

Blackberry was once the predominant name in smartphones, but was slow to adapt to the ever changing technology and became a D-list celebrity among A-listers. The company released the Priv last year at the steep price of 579 English Pounds which was a bust!



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