UN Atomic Agency indicts Iran on nuclear programme

The UN Atomic watchdog says Iran for a second time this year has exceeded the “soft limit” on sensitive material that was agreed upon under its 2015 nuclear agreement with six world powers.

In a report the international atomic energy agency (IAEA) said Iran had again surpassed the 130-metric-ton threshold for heavy water since the deal was struck in January.

Heavy water is used to cool reactors, which can produce substantial amounts of plutonium, an element that is used in producing the fissile core of nuclear warheads.

The watchdog said Iran had stockpiled 130.1 tons of the material, which is used at reactors such as ones at Iran’s unfinished facility at Arak.

The IAEA said Iran told the agency it is preparing to transfer five tons of heavy water out of the country in the coming days as provided for in the nuclear agreement.

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