Trump, Putin to mend US/Russia’s strained ties

Trump, Putin to mend US/Russia’s strained ties

US President-Elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin intend to “Normalise US-Russia Ties”, following a Phone Conversation between the two.

Mr Trump, who had praised Mr Putin in the Election Campaign, said he wanted an “Enduring Relationship with Russia”.

The Kremlin revealed Mr Trump and Mr Putin had discussed Syria and agreed that current Russian-US relations were “Extremely Unsatisfactory”.”.

Mr Putin and Mr Trump had agreed to stay in touch by phone and arrange to meet in person at a later date, the Kremlin added.

Mr Trump’s office said the Kremlin had called and that issues such as mutual threats and challenges, and strategic economic affairs, were discussed.

Relations between the two countries have soured in recent years, despite President Obama starting his eight years in office by calling for a “Reset” with one of the US’ long-term rivals.

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