Syria: France warns Russia may face war crimes charges

Syria: France warns Russia may face war crimes charges

France says Russia could face war crimes charges over its bombing campaign of Syria’s eastern city of Aleppo.

French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said the bombings are war crimes, and this includes all those who are complicit for what’s happening in Aleppo, including Russian leaders.

Ayrault said France would consult with prosecutors from the international criminal court (ICC) to see how to launch investigations..

The French foreign minister also said French president Francois Holland could refuse to meet Russian president Vladimir Putin, who is to visit France next week.

Putin’s scheduled visit to Paris on October 19 is to inaugurate a new orthodox church.

On Saturday, Russia blocked a United Nations Security Council resolution proposed by France and Spain on ending the bombing in Syria.

It is not clear how the ICC could investigate the bombings in Aleppo because neither Russia nor Syria is a member of the international criminal court.

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