Pakistan Apex Court considers trying Prime Minister on corruption claim

Pakistan Apex Court considers trying Prime Minister on corruption claim

Pakistan’s Supreme Court is considering corruption allegations against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, amid mounting pressure over his family’s wealth.

The move comes after investigators said his family had failed to account for the source of its financial assets.

The probe began when the Panama Papers leaks linked his children to offshore companies used to buy London flats.

This fuelled suspicion the companies were used to launder ill-gotten wealth, claims Mr Sharif strenuously denies.

He said the properties in London were acquired legitimately and that he personally does not own them.

The Joint Investigation Team (JIT), set up in April, said it has found “significant gaps/disparity among the known and declared sources of income and the wealth” accumulated by Mr Sharif and his family.

It accused Mr Sharif of concealing assets, overstating the wealth of his father with the aim of justifying his family’s wealth, and of not reflecting in his wealth statement an “exorbitant hike” in his family’s wealth during his first decade in power (1985-93).

Mr Sharif has however described the investigators’ report a compilation of “allegations and assumptions”.

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