Obama asks top Republicans to dump Trump

Obama asks top Republicans to dump Trump

Obama asks top Republicans to dump Trump

President Barack Obama has blasted Donald Trump’s recent remarks about women, saying they would be intolerable even for someone applying for a job at a 7-eleven convenience store.

Mr Obama also urged senior Republicans to formally withdraw their endorsement of Mr Trump as presidential candidate.

Many top Republicans have distanced themselves from Mr Trump over a video in which he boasts of groping women.

Addressing a campaign rally in Greensboro, North Carolina, Mr Obama questioned how senior Republican politicians could still want Mr Trump to be president.

Nearly half of the 331 incumbent Republican Senators, House members and Governors have condemned the lewd remarks and about 10% have called for Mr Trump to drop out of the race

Mr trump fired back in a string of tweets, saying the “shackles” had been removed with top Republicans withdrawing support saying it would, allow him to “fight for America the way he want to.

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