North Korea Tests High Powered Rocket

North Korea Tests High Powered Rocket

North Korea has launched a successful ground test of a new high-powered rocket engine, indicating the country is closer to acquiring long-range capabilities.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is said to have overseen the launch and is quoted ordering officials to prepare for a satellite launch “as soon as possible.”

Jean Ha-Kyu, South Korea joint chiefs of staff spokesperson, said they believe that north Korea tested the performance of its new type high-power thrust engine for a long-range missile.”

The new engine tested Tuesday will give North Korea “sufficient carrier capability for launching various kinds of satellites, including earth observation satellites at a world level,” KCNA reported.

The new engine test comes less than two weeks after North Korea conducted its fifth and most powerful nuclear warhead test, which the country claimed gives it the ability to fit a miniature warhead on a rocket.

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