Mass protests greet Trump’s victory in US

Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets of several us cities to protest against the election of Donald Trump.

Many shouted the slogan “not my president”. Others burned orange-haired effigies of the businessman.

In New York, thousands marched on Trump Tower, attacking Mr Trump’s policies on immigration, gay rights and reproductive rights. Fifteen people were arrested.

Protests were largely peaceful but in Oakland, California, some demonstrators smashed shop windows and threw missiles at riot police, who reportedly responded with tear gas.

Also, a mass anti-trump rally shut down a key freeway in Los Angeles, while in Chicago, crowds blocked the entrance to trump tower, chanting: “No Trump, No kkk, No Fascists USA”.

In Portland, Oregon, demonstrators temporarily closed an interstate highway.

Demonstrations also took place in Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco, among other cities.

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