Grazing reserve not solution to herdsmen’s menace – Gowon

Gowon tasks judiciary on godly justice

Former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, has cautioned against the proposed grazing zone for cattle nationwide, saying it will not end the clashes between farmers and armed herdsmen.

Every land available for grazing, according to Gowon, belonged to the various communities, adding that land matter is a sensitive issue worldwide and should be handled with care.

Gowon, who spoke on the issue at the synod lecture of the Church of Nigeria Anglican communion, Oleh Diocese in Delta state, warned that injustice often leads to violence and protests.

The former Head of State told the Presidency to immediately resolve the issues surrounding the armed herdsmen attacking farmers.

In resolving the matter, Gowon asked the Presidency to ensure fairness, justice and equity.

Gowon said, “Resolving fiscal federalism must be on revenue mobilization, allocation and control of who gets what, where and how much is fundamental and important for the people to live together in peace”.

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