Fresh earthquake hits New Zealand

Fresh earthquake hits New Zealand

An earthquake measuring 6.3 in magnitude has hit New Zealand’s South Island; hours after an initial quake killed two people.

The new tremor struck at a depth of 10 kilometres northeast of Christ Church.

A seven point five-magnitude quake, with the same depth, had hit the same area just after midnight, triggering tsunami warnings.

A large river dammed up by a landslide has now breached its banks sending a “large wall of water” downstream.

Residents around the Clarence River – one of the largest on south island – were being urged to move immediately to higher ground.

There have been hundreds of strong aftershocks, causing power shortages and cuts in water supply, since the initial quake.

This earthquake was greater in magnitude than 2011’s Christ Church tremor, but it didn’t bring the same level of devastation.

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