Economy Shut Down in India by deadly air pollution

Officials in the Indian Capital have Shutdown Schools, halted construction activity and closed a coal-fired power plant temporarily as alarm bells were sounded about the deadly haze of air pollution that has shrouded the city this past week.

The emergency measures came amid rising calls for an urgent response to dangerous pollutants in New Delhi’s hazardous air which have spiked more than thirty times the safe limits set by the world health organization.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced Sunday Schools will be shut for three days, all construction halted for five days and a power plant will be closed for ten days.

He said roads will be doused with water to settle dust that is a huge contributor to the city’s toxic air..

Delhi’s high levels of pollution are blamed on a toxic mix of dust, fumes from diesel vehicles, and burning of waste..

As many people hunkered indoors to avoid exposure to the deadly air, many questioned if the measures taken by the government were too little, too late.

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