Dogara cautions agitators of Nigeria’s break-up

Yakubu Dogara

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has cautioned those agitating for the breakup of Nigeria as missing the point.

Dogara at a thanksgiving service at his Elect Christian Assembly Church at Nyanya, Abuja, said that God does not make mistake in creating Nigeria.

Nigeria, according to him would have ceased to exist during the Biafra war if its creation by God was mistake.

The Speaker said he is optimistic that Nigeria despite the enormous challenges and very difficult situation it is facing, will survive.

Dogara further stated that God who created the country has good plans for her people. “Those who think Nigeria is a mistake, it may be because they don’t know the purpose. But if you want to know the purpose of a thing, you have to go back to the manual, and who puts the manual together? It’s the manufacturer, so I would challenge them to go back to the manufacturer of Nigeria, who is God, so that we can get the manual for Nigeria.

“If we were a mistake, maybe during the first civil war, this country would have disintegrated but God decided to keep this country one and God has never made a mistake,” he stated.

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