65.6m people displaced worldwide, says UN

65.6m people displaced worldwide, says UN

A record 65.6 million people are either refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced across the globe.

The UN refugee agency in its annual report said the estimated figure for the end of 2016 is an increase of 300,000 on 2015.

It is a smaller increase than 2014-15, when the figure rose by 5 million.

The UN said it hoped Monday’s record breaking numbers of displaced would encourage wealthy countries to think again, not just to accept more refugees, but to invest in peace promotion, and reconstruction.

Syria has 5.5 million of the refugees, Afghanistan: 2.5 million and South Sudan: 1.4 million.

Countries hosting the refugees include Turkey taking in 2.9 million, Pakistan: 1.4 million, Lebanon: 1 million, Iran: 979,400, Uganda: 940,800 and Ethiopia: 791,600.

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